One Week

It’s been one week since the release of Dark Heart and I cannot believe how quickly that week has passed! I started writing this book in January/February and had finished it’s first draft at the beginning of April. There wasn’t a lot of sleep between March and May but I got there and it was certainly worth it.

Dark Heart is available at Amazon, the ebook is $2.99 or you can get it in paperback or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

This book is one you can’t put down. *****

It is a triumph with twists and curveballs that keep you turning those pages wanting to know what happens next but never actually wanting it to end. *****

I like the darker edge to this contemporary romance. This is definitely a book worth reading. *****

This is a fabulous second book from Eve L Mitchell: solid writing, great world building, strong character development, and a story that grabs a hold and doesn’t let go. *****

This really is a must read book. It’s well written and just pulls you in. *****

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