The third book in the Boulder Series, Unbroken Bonds releases on November 30th and will go straight into Kindle Unlimited. If you want to purchase it, it is available NOW for the preorder price of 99c and will remain at 99c for ONE DAY ONLY after release before rising to $3.99.

Unbroken Bonds is a special book for me – not just because I am telling Matt’s story – but because this was my first time writing a dual POV (point of view). I did find it a little intimidating at first because one ‘voice’ was stronger in my head – but I LOVE the overall result as do the people who have had an advance copy. So yay me! LOL.

Unbroken Bonds is a slow burn college romance, but is SO much more! Delve deeper into the friendships and relationships you loved in Indian Summer and even Dark Heart!

Unbroken Bonds is a series book, I would strongly recommend that Indian Summer and Dark Heart are read first in order for you to fully appreciate the deliciousness that is Matt.

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