Happy New Year (belated)

Quick update for you, Cole is now on Kindle and I am uploading to other sites soon. If you want him (and who wouldn’t?), the link is here: www.books2read.com/coltondawson. Cole is the same story as ‘Indian Summer’ but told from Colton Dawson’s POV – and the feedback from readers is this is exactly what they needed. Yay me.

Indian Summer, Dark Heart and Unbroken Bonds are all on Kindle Unlimited to read for free. You can also get them on paperback, and I have added a feature under BOOKS if you are interested in obtaining signed copies.

I am heading off to Sydney, Australia at the end of January for my very first book signing at Ballgowns and Books Event and I am super duper excited. There is a new menu tab ‘Book Signings’ and you can see where I am going to be in 2020. If you’re interested in attending these events, all the details are on Facebook and the respective events websites (if you want preorders, then there are forms available on my menu tab).

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