New Release coming 7 March 2020

My NEW Urban Fantasy, Into Darkness – The Akrhyn Series releases on Saturday 7th March. Yes, in NINE sleeps you will have it in your possession if you buy it on the day – but why delay? Preorder it TODAY (I should have been a poet…).

I CANNOT WAIT for you to read this book, I am so excited to share it with you. This book will be available in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. Paperback will be available soon after release date, so don’t worry about missing out.

The preorder link is here:

Into Darkness: The Akrhyn Series by [Mitchell, Eve L.]


Creatures of evil roam the shadows – the Drakhyn. They may look like humans, but their taloned hands and razor-sharp teeth serve one purpose only; killing. 

A Sentinel’s purpose is to patrol and protect. They are highly trained soldiers with superior skills and abilities. Whether they be Vampyres, Lycan, Castors or gifted Akrhyn, their purpose is the same; hunt the Drakhyn and rid the world of their evil presence. 

Tegan has been training all of her life in seclusion to be an Elite Sentinel. Having now passed her final Trial, she is selected by the Great Council to become a member of the Elite Guard. Tegan is the youngest Sentinel to be granted such an honour and she accepts, nervous and anxious to finally be with her family. A family who never even knew she existed… until now. 

Soon, fitting in with her family are the least of her worries. The Drakhyn are rising, even as unrest between the Akrhyn grows. What’s more, Tegan finds herself bonded to the most arrogant Castor she has ever met. 

War is coming.

Tegan needs to be ready. She must fight to keep her world – and her place in it – free from the destruction that threatens it.

Make sure you preorder your copy TODAY and then on Saturday 7th, sit down, open up and lose yourself in this story.

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