Dark Soul is OUT NOW


My new release Dark Soul is out NOW and is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Dark Soul is book 4 in the Boulder Series and follows directly on from Unbroken Bonds.

Where you curious as to where Lela was in Unbroken Bonds…? Yeah? Well so is Aaron and he is looking for answers!

This book sees Aaron developing more as a character and trust me, this book really tests his character. That author was a complete meanie to him.

Meet old friends, old enemies and be introduced to some new friends but also… new enemies. Ah Aaron, you just can’t catch a break my love.

If you love contemporary romance, if you love the bad boy, if you love tormented stories, grab your copy now.

You cannot read this book as a standalone, so please make sure you read the series first – else this story is going to make no sense to you!

She left in the middle of the afternoon, leaving me and our son behind. For all I knew, she didn’t look back. For all I knew, she hadn’t given our son another thought. 

She left him. 

It’s been five weeks since Lela walked out of our lives. Five weeks and I don’t know where she is. 

But I’m looking. 

I’m searching for her. The unknown is killing me. What if she’s hurt? What if she needs help?

But… more importantly, what if she is okay? What if she is fine?

I will find her, and if Lela is okay? I will make her sorry she ever thought she could leave him. 

I told her a long time ago, I don’t lose. I’ve never been a nice guy. 

I will find her and this time, she won’t walk away. 

She will run. 

**Dark Soul is Book 4 in the Boulder Series, you MUST read Books 1-3 before reading this book. It is not a standalone book.**


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