Her Greatest Mistake – now available!

Her Greatest Mistake is now available, you can get it on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Follow this link: books2read.com/hergreatestmistake


I knew the moment I saw Aiden that he was the kind of man who would break a woman’s heart. With his looks, he could grace the cover of any book or magazine. 

Even as I got to know him, his hard no-nonsense attitude was alluring. He was as captivating as he was intense, and having his attention was as intoxicating as it was overwhelming. My pulse raced and my stomach fluttered when I was near him.

Yes, Aiden would break a woman’s heart. If she let him. 

Maybe, even if she didn’t. 

I didn’t mean to let him break mine. I didn’t mean to let him get so far under my skin that he got into my heart.

One moment of passion—that’s all it was. I was reckless. I was stupid. 

I didn’t know.

He ripped my heart out without even breaking a sweat. 

He said he could explain. I don’t want to hear his lies. 

I was stupid that night, but I can’t be again. I can’t let him close enough to make the same mistake twice.

**Please note that this is a standalone book with a strong, arrogant, male character. If you are looking for a PG sweet romance book, then this book is not for you. If you want a raw, stripped down, gripping romance that can only come from having a bossy, domineering, unapologetic male character, then sit back and enjoy.**

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