One Week

It’s been one week since the release of Dark Heart and I cannot believe how quickly that week has passed! I started writing this book in January/February and had finished it’s first draft at the beginning of April. There wasn’t a lot of sleep between March and May but I got there and it was certainly worth it.

Dark Heart is available at Amazon, the ebook is $2.99 or you can get it in paperback or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

This book is one you can’t put down. *****

It is a triumph with twists and curveballs that keep you turning those pages wanting to know what happens next but never actually wanting it to end. *****

I like the darker edge to this contemporary romance. This is definitely a book worth reading. *****

This is a fabulous second book from Eve L Mitchell: solid writing, great world building, strong character development, and a story that grabs a hold and doesn’t let go. *****

This really is a must read book. It’s well written and just pulls you in. *****

It’s been over three weeks…


Well, I cannot believe that it has been over three weeks since ‘Indian Summer’ published, for those counting (that’s just me, that’s ok), its been 25 days. It is so amazing to think that I am a published author and I am three weeks into this epic adventure.

I am very, very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read my book and for those that have left a review, well that’s just super duper awesome sauce.

If you haven’t read it yet, there are links to lead you to the appropriate Amazon site for your country on the previous post. There are even Amazon sites that have it listed as a paperback – and I know it’s my book and I know I am totally biased, but in paperback it is JUST SO PRETTY!! 🙂

As always, my reader group on Facebook will be the first with any updates, or just general fun. We’re very friendly, if you haven’t joined come play with us, there are only some that bite (not me). The link to the group is at the top of this page…I think. 🙂

I do need to make this site better and more attractive, I shall conquer that another day…(runs screaming from the thought of technology).

Also, make sure you come say hello to me by using any of the social media platforms, I’m totally friendly. I also realise this may be what serial killers say, but be assured I am not one…but then they probably say that too…huh…

Alrighty! I think on that note, I best go. I will be back soon with more fascinating updates, until then, click on Indian Summer either on the Kindle App, Kindle Unlimited or purchase the paperback. Most importantly ENJOY!

Indian Summer by Eve L Mitchell


Arielle Miller has had a bad year, she’s lost more than any 18 year old should. Now she’s starting over, new state, new city, new life. She’s attending college, getting her degree and maybe, just maybe, starting to heal.

He wasn’t supposed to be here. He wasn’t meant for her.

Colton Dawson shouldn’t look at her the way he does, shouldn’t make her feel the way he does and yet he’s holding back, keeping her at a distance.

Can she cope with being so near to Colton, but not being with him, or will this time mean losing everything……….losing him?

Reviews for Indian Summer:

“Indian Summer” has drama, beautiful friendships, romance and a happy ending. What more can you ask for?! 

This is an incredible YA/NA contemporary romance!

This debut novel by Eve L. Mitchell is THE book for all YA/NA book lovers. It has angst, lust, fighting, and a story plot you’ll love.

Eve L. Mitchell delivers a riveting story with Indian Summer!

Mitchell has scored a touchdown with her first venture into YA/NA romance with a story that steps far outside the norm.